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Every family is unique and deserves special attention during the stressful time of divorce. Divorce can be particularly hard on the children. As they see one parent leave the family home, they wonder how their parents will work out living and parenting arrangements and how it will impact them. At the Law Office of Ronald L. Hendrix, P.C., in Naperville, Illinois, we make a point of getting to know our clients, their interests and concerns, and especially the interests of their children.

Many clients come to our family law office at the beginning of the divorce process or when they are struggling with the issues of divorce, such as child custody, child support, spousal support/maintenance, visitation, or division of property (marital assets). The first question many ask is whether traditional litigation, mediation or a collaborative law approach is right for them.

The best way to launch the discussion is to confer with a knowledgeable divorce attorney: someone who is knowledgeable in conflict resolution and works hard to protect your rights. To schedule a free initial consultation with a contested divorce lawyer at the Law Office of Ronald L. Hendrix, P.C., in Naperville, contact us or call 630-355-7776.

DuPage County Family Lawyer And Mediator

When clients ask us whether traditional litigation, mediation or a collaborative approach is better for them, the answer is simple: it all depends on you and your spouse. If the two of you are able to sit down together and discuss issues in an amicable manner, then we can help you with mediation or a collaborative law approach. But if you are not able to meet amiably because of mistrust, dishonesty, anger, repeated violence or high levels of emotion, then you may have no choice but to proceed in a traditional litigation approach.

It is very critical that the attorney who you meet with helps you in selecting the right approach for your divorce. While the traditional litigation approach may be more costly, it is sometimes the only approach that may be correct for your case. It can be very costly to you both monetarily and emotionally if an attorney who is geared toward the collaborative law approach persuades you in that direction if your case is not appropriate for that approach, and in turn, your case is not completed using that approach. A failed collaborative law case requires the selection of a new attorney because your collaborative attorney is disqualified from representing you any further. Therefore, your case needs to be started over, which can be very costly to you. On the other hand, you do not want to proceed in a more expensive traditional litigation approach if your case is appropriate for the collaborative law approach and can be completed in a collaborative manner.

At the Law Office of Ronald L. Hendrix, P.C., an experienced and knowledgeable attorney will discuss the different approaches that can be used to complete your divorce and help you to select the right approach for you, your spouse, and especially your children. Our commitment is:

  • To listen carefully and gain an understanding of your case
  • To hear your concerns, anxieties, and apprehensions
  • To gain an understanding of the approach your spouse and his or her attorney may take
  • To assist you in selecting the approach that is best for your divorce

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Our goal is to help clients understand their options and for clients to understand that they have options. Our clients are involved in all issues and decision-making that impact their divorce. We want to achieve the best results for you and your family, especially your children.

Besides being experienced in litigation, the collaborative law approach, and mediation, attorney Ronald L. Hendrix also has a Master of Arts degree in guidance and counseling, with an emphasis on marriage and marital relationships. To schedule a free initial consultation with family law attorney Hendrix, call 630-355-7776 or 815-722-7050 or contact the firm via email.

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