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Joliet complex divorce attorney for property division and business valuation

Lawyers for Family Law, Child Custody, and Spousal Support in Joliet and Will County

If you are preparing to get a divorce, the many legal, financial, practical, and emotional issues you will need to address may seem overwhelming. To ensure that you are addressing these matters properly and making the decisions that will help you prepare for success once your divorce is complete, you need to work with an experienced lawyer. 

At the Law Office of Ronald L. Hendrix, P.C., our attorneys understand the best ways to address legal matters and resolve disputes in divorce cases, and we have assisted many clients in Joliet and the surrounding cities. With more than 35 years of combined experience, we can provide you with legal representation throughout every stage of your divorce, and we will offer practical advice to help you achieve your goals.

Resolving Disputes in Joliet Divorce Cases

From the beginning to the end of the divorce process, we are prepared to advocate on your behalf and help you resolve your outstanding issues. We provide legal help with:

  • Divorce resolution - The type of divorce you pursue will usually be dependent on the level of cooperation and/or conflict you have with your spouse. If the two of you are willing and able to work together to negotiate a divorce settlement, then you may want to consider using alternative dispute resolution, with the goal of reaching compromises through divorce mediation or collaborative divorce. If you cannot agree on some or all of the issues in your divorce, you can proceed to divorce litigation and resolve the outstanding matters in the courtroom.
  • Child issues - If you have children, decisions about how you will share parental responsibilities and parenting time with your ex-spouse will be some of the most important matters to be decided during your divorce. Your divorce decree will include a parenting plan that addresses how the two of you will make decisions about your children, how children's time will be divided between your homes, and any other rules you will follow as parents. We can help draft a parenting agreement that meets your family's needs, and we will also ensure that your children will receive child support to ensure that their ongoing needs will be met.
  • Property and financial issues - All marital property you own together with your spouse will need to be divided between the two of you. We can advocate for your interests during the property division process, ensuring that you understand how to address assets such as retirement funds and pensions, investments, and real estate. We will also help you determine whether spousal maintenance should be awarded to the spouse who earns a lower income.
  • Complex divorce - If you are experiencing a high-conflict divorce, we can help you understand the best ways to resolve disputes while protecting your safety. We can also assist with complex financial issues, including helping business owners divide business interests and protect professional practices. We can address high-value property and premarital assets, and we can help you understand your options if you are getting a divorce during or near retirement.
  • Divorce modifications and enforcement - If you experience a significant change in circumstances in the years after your divorce has been finalized, we can assist in petitioning for a modification of the terms of your divorce. We can also help you take legal action to ensure that your ex-spouse complies with their court-ordered requirements.

Contact a Joliet Divorce Attorney

Whether you need to resolve complex and contentious divorce disputes or are planning to cooperate with your spouse to complete an uncontested divorce, you need a strong legal advocate on your side. Our divorce lawyers can make sure you understand your rights, and we will help you reach a conclusion to your divorce that will provide for your ongoing success. To arrange a free consultation with our attorneys, contact our office at 630-355-7776 or 815-722-7050.

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