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Crafting a Comprehensive Parenting Plan After Your Illinois Divorce

 Posted on December 14, 2020 in Divorce

Will County divorce attorney parenting plan

In many ways, divorcing when you and your ex have children together is much different than divorcing and just worrying about yourself throughout the process. When you get a divorce and you have children, there are various elements of your divorce that differ, or that are now required during your divorce process. One of the most important elements of any divorce that involves children is the parenting plan, which must be submitted to the court and approved before the divorce can become final in Illinois. The parenting plan is an important element in setting forth rules for co-parenting, parenting time schedules, significant decision-making responsibilities, how child-related expenses will be shared, among others.

Basic Requirements for Your Parenting Plan

Parenting plans are a requirement that the state of Illinois has set forth for all divorcing couples who have children, but they can actually be a helpful tool when transitioning to a co-parenting relationship. Your parenting plan will serve as the blueprints for how you and your ex should approach co-parenting after your divorce is finalized. The state has a list of elements that all parenting plans must contain at a minimum, but you have the ability to add as much detail as you would like to your parenting plan. 

Basic requirements to the parenting plans include pertinent information, such as contact and employment information for both parents, which significant decision-making responsibilities each parent has, how parenting time will be allocated, as well as how parenting time will be handled during school breaks and how holidays will be split between the parents.

Other Considerations to Include

Even though there are certain things that you are required to have in your parenting plan, you can also add more detail, if needed. Personalizing your parenting plan can help you and your ex form a more peaceful co-parenting relationship after the divorce. Provisions included in your parenting plan can be wide-reaching and unique, as long as your co-parent agrees to and the judge approves the provisions. These stipulations could include:

  • How you and your co-parent will handle conflict or disagreements

  • How you and your co-parent agree to discipline your child

  • Requiring certain rules to be consistent between households, such as bedtime and homework schedules

Discuss Your Situation With Our Will County Parenting Plan Attorney 

Having a comprehensive parenting plan in place after your divorce is final can greatly reduce the amount of stress you face. At the Law Office of Ronald L. Hendrix, P.C., we can help you put together a parenting plan that meets both Illinois requirements and the specific needs of your family. Our diligent and skilled Bolingbrook parenting plan lawyers will work with you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse to draft a plan that you both can agree upon. Call our office today at 630-355-7776 to schedule a free consultation.


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