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How to Manage Co-Parenting Conflict After Your Illinois Divorce

 Posted on August 19, 2020 in Divorce

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When you have children, divorce usually does not mark the end of all interactions with your ex-spouse. In most cases, the two of you continue to bear an important responsibility to share in the raising of your children. While it can be nice to have the other parent’s support and assistance, co-parenting after divorce may also result in disagreements and conflict between you and your spouse, so you should know how to manage those conflicts to keep them from getting out of hand and hurting your children.

Tips for Successful Co-Parenting After an Illinois Divorce

It is not always easy to co-parent with your ex, but following these suggestions can help you reduce stress and maintain a better situation for yourself and your children:

  • Follow your parenting plan: The agreement established in your divorce regarding parenting time, parental responsibilities, and child support is legally binding. Failing to follow its terms not only makes things difficult for the other parent but can also result in legal and financial consequences for you. If you find it difficult to follow the parenting plan due to a recent change in your life, you should consider pursuing an order modification.

  • Practice constructive communication: Find a method for communicating with your spouse that works for both of you, whether that is meeting face-to-face or speaking over the phone or via email. If you are having a disagreement, try to keep your emotions under control and avoid personal attacks against your ex, and instead focus on what you both need for a successful resolution to the problem.

  • Maintain a routine: Do your best to minimize changes to your children’s routine so that they can continue to do the things that bring them comfort and enjoyment. You and your ex should also try to reach an agreement on consistent rules and expectations that guide both of your parenting so that your kids do not become confused or resentful as they switch between households.

  • Focus on what is best for your kids: Remember that the reason for co-parenting is to create the best possible situation for your children and that anything you or your ex does to make it difficult puts a strain on your kids as well. Try to prioritize their needs over your own, and never do anything that threatens your children’s relationship with the other parent.

Contact a Will County Divorce Attorney

Just as your co-parenting relationship continues after your divorce, your need for legal assistance may continue as well. At the Law Office of Ronald L. Hendrix, P.C., we can help you establish a parenting plan that addresses your children’s best interests, as well as pursue enforcement or modification of the plan in the years following your divorce as the need arises. Contact a Naperville divorce lawyer today at 630-355-7776 to schedule a free consultation.


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