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How to Prepare for a Complex Divorce Case in Illinois

 Posted on August 29, 2023 in Divorce

DuPage County Family Law AttorneyDivorce cases involving disputes over substantial assets, intricate property division, or child custody conflicts require thorough advanced preparation in Illinois. Understanding key steps is crucial when navigating high-stakes divorce complexities.

Compile Comprehensive Financial Documentation

Gather an exhaustive inventory of all financial assets and debts, including recent tax returns, pay stubs, property deeds, mortgage statements, retirement and investment accounts, stock options, company equities, and valuations of collectibles. Detail which assets were acquired before versus during the marriage. Organize records systematically.

Document Your Parenting and Child Care

To strengthen your custody argument, gather compelling evidence showcasing your dedication as a parent. Include a comprehensive range of supporting documents such as:

  • Photos capturing cherished moments

  • Meticulously maintained calendars highlighting your active involvement

  • School records demonstrating your involvement to your children’s education

  • Medical documents reflecting your diligent caretaking

  • Records of expenses that you continuously pay on time

  • Statements from teachers or other credible individuals attesting to your exceptional parental involvement. 

This evidence can help your case and highlight your commitment to your children’s well-being.

Prepare for Mediation of Child Custody

If child custody becomes hotly contested in Illinois, be prepared for mandatory mediation before the case can proceed to trial. During this mediation process, a neutral third party will assist in facilitating discussions between the parties involved, with the goal of reaching a mutually agreeable solution.

It is important to discuss negotiation strategies and potential compromises with your attorney beforehand to ensure you are well-prepared for the mediation session. Taking the time to thoroughly understand the process and explore various options can greatly contribute to a successful resolution of the custody dispute.

Create a Realistic Post-Divorce Budget

Make a detailed budget reflecting the financial realities of supporting yourself in a separate household after divorce. Factor in costs of two establishments and additional child-related expenses. Project budgets for several years.

Thorough preparation, documentation, and legal support provides critical advantages when navigating the intricacies of property division, child custody disputes, and other complex divorce case issues.

Contact a Will County Divorce Attorney

When working with an Illinois family law lawyer, you can navigate a complex divorce case with more ease. The legal jargon and system can be overwhelming but with someone experienced on your side, you can know which steps to take next. Call Law Office of Ronald L. Hendrix, P.C. at 630-355-7776 to get a free and no obligaton consultation.



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