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Parenting Plans for Children with Special Needs

 Posted on January 20, 2024 in Child Custody

IL family lawyerIt can be difficult for parents who are getting divorced or breaking up to work together. If you are leaving your child’s other parent, there is likely significant conflict between you. Sometimes, the stress of raising a child with significant disabilities can strain the relationship to the point where both parties feel that they would be better off co-parenting while living apart. Creating a parenting plan may be more challenging, as your child’s particular needs must be put first. You know your child and what type of support they need best, so you may find it better to work with the other parent to develop a parenting plan yourselves rather than leaving it to a judge, who may or may not be well-informed about your child’s medical condition. A Naperville, IL, child custody lawyer can help you work together to develop the best possible co-parenting strategies

Tips for Successfully Co-Parenting a Disabled Child After Separating

There are a lot of different factors to consider when you and your co-parent are deciding what type of arrangement is best for your child. Some things to consider include:

  • Planning for your child’s adulthood - Many parents plan for college-related expenses when creating a parenting plan. If your child will need care as an adult, you can plan for their future care now. You may wish to prepare for costs associated with a group home or assisted living facility if your child will not be independent as an adult. 
  • Putting education first - Is your child thriving in their current special education program, or would they benefit from going to a different school? When you are establishing separate households, it is important to consider proximity to the best educational program your child can attend. 
  • Consider counseling - It might seem quite counterintuitive to attend counseling with a person you have already decided to divorce or break up with. However, a counselor may be able to help you achieve a civil relationship so that you can work together for the benefit of your child. 
  • Address medical costs - If your child requires frequent visits to a specialist or special therapy, the costs can add up. You will need to address how both parents will share those costs. 
  • Housing strategies - Moving a disabled child between two households might be difficult. Even finding two different homes that are accessible for your child can be a challenge. Some parents find success in keeping the child in the marital home full-time and moving the parents back and forth. 

While planning to co-parent a child with special needs may be challenging, many parents find that they are better able to co-parent after ending their relationship. 

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