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Signs Your Child is Not Safe in Your Ex-Spouse’s Home

 Posted on May 27, 2024 in Child Custody

IL defense lawyerWhile a lot of divorced parents dislike leaving their child with their former spouse for a number of reasons, fearing for your child’s safety when she is with your ex-spouse is another matter entirely. It is normal for divorced parents to disagree with some aspects of each other’s parenting styles or to not always agree with each other’s parenting decisions - for example, you might not like it when your ex-spouse lets your ten-year-old stay up until midnight. However, if you start to notice signs that your former spouse’s parenting decisions are putting your child in danger, you need to speak with a Will County, IL child custody attorney immediately. You might be able to modify your child custody order if there is evidence showing that your former spouse is putting your child at risk.

Warning Signs That Your Former Spouse’s Household is Not Safe for Your Child 

Noticing a risk to your child’s safety promptly is critical. You know your child best. If something seems wrong when you pick your child up from her co-parent’s home, do not ignore your gut feeling. Signs that your child might not be safe when she is with your former spouse might include:

  • Mood changes after being with your ex - If your child is often withdrawn, tearful, anxious, angry, or extremely relieved when she comes back into your care, something may be amiss at her other parent’s home. 
  • Unexplained injuries - All children get skinned knees or minor bruises from playing. However, if you notice intensive or deep bruising, multiple injuries that require medical attention, or burns that do not seem like they could have been accidentally caused and there is no good explanation, your child could be facing abuse.
  • Age-inappropriate knowledge - If your child suddenly knows a lot of information about very adult topics, such as sex or drug use, that is not appropriate for her age, she could be exposed to these things.
  • Unwillingness to talk about her day - Children are usually eager to tell their parents what they did while visiting the other parent. If your child starts refusing to talk about what happened during her visit, there might be a problem. 
  • Fear of a new household member - If your ex-spouse has moved in with a new partner and your child seems unusually afraid of him or his children, it is worth questioning whether these new individuals are safe for your child to be around. 

If you are able to show that your child is unsafe at your former spouse’s home, you may be able to quickly have your parenting plan modified.

Contact a Will County, IL Child Custody Modifications Attorney

Law Office of Ronald L. Hendrix, P.C. is committed to helping parents modify their parenting plans when doing so is necessary to keep their children safe. Our experienced Naperville, IL divorce modifications lawyers have a strong record of success in the courtroom when we need to fight for post-divorce modifications. Contact us at 630-355-7776 for a complimentary consultation.

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