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The Most Common Mistakes Made During an Illinois Divorce

 Posted on February 25, 2021 in Divorce

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Divorce is one of the hardest things a person will ever go through. While it presents personal challenges, divorce is a legal process and is governed by many different laws. When getting a divorce, not everyone understands these laws and therefore, they make mistakes that greatly affect their case. An experienced divorce attorney can help people avoid these mistakes, and provide sound legal advice for anyone who is ending their marriage.

Choosing the Wrong Type of Divorce

People going through a divorce often envision a costly and lengthy battle that takes place in a courtroom. However, that is not the only way to get a divorce today. In Illinois, couples can enter mediation or the collaborative process, both of which can greatly reduce the conflict of divorce and give you more control over the process.

Failing to Identify Your Goals

You may not know what goals you have for your divorce right away, and that is okay. However, it is important to identify your goals early on in the process, as it can help you understand what to prioritize and what you are willing to fight for. For example, if your goal is to spend as much time with your children as possible, you may be willing to compromise more on other terms, such as property division or spousal maintenance.

Not Considering Tax Implications

It is easy to forget about taxes when going through a divorce and many do not realize that the end of their marriage will have tax implications. However, your divorce will affect your tax situation and it is important that you understand this. Once your case is finalized, the divorce decree should state whether you or your spouse will claim the children as dependents, and your income tax withholding should also be updated so you can make sure you are paying the correct amount.

Letting Your Emotions Guide You

There is no doubt that divorce is an extremely emotional process. However, letting your emotions guide you may result in making decisions that are not actually in your best interest. Leading with your emotions can also result in the divorce taking longer, which will also make it cost more than is perhaps necessary.

Failing to Communicate with Your Spouse

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your divorce, you may find it easy to communicate with your spouse, or it may be the last thing you want to do. In any case, it is important to communicate with your spouse and to keep those communications as respectful as possible. Communication is particularly important if you and your spouse have children together, as it can make the process easier for them. Even if you do not have kids together, good communication can help reduce conflict throughout the process so you can resolve your issues more quickly.

Not Working with a DuPage County Divorce Lawyer

Going through the divorce process alone is a mistake that could result in not securing the fair settlement you deserve. If you are going through a divorce in Illinois, our skilled Naperville divorce lawyers at the Law Office of Ronald L. Hendrix are here to help with your case. Call us today at 630-355-7776 or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.


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