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Tips for a successful divorce

Posted on July 13, 2018 in Uncategorized

It’s no secret that divorce is hard. For most people it’s one the most emotionally challenging times in their lives. As a Naperville divorce attorney for the last 18 years, I have found that clients who have successfully moved on with their life after divorce exhibit certain characteristics and behaviors. In this post, I offer a list of suggestions for achieving a successful outcome for your divorce.

Focus on your new life Tips for a successful divorce

Yes, divorce is tough. However, after a period of adjustment many people find that their new life is much better. It is important during the divorce process to focus on your new life, work towards new dreams, and most importantly let go of the past.

Stay positive and confident about yourself

Being divorced does not mean that you are a failure or that you’ve done something wrong. It simply means that your relationship with your spouse did not work out. This is not a time to get down on yourself. You are worthy of love and capable of living a great new life post-divorce. Stay positive!

Consider mediation or collaborative divorce

Choosing a less combative divorce resolution option like collaborative divorce or mediation will save you time, lower the cost of your divorce, and help you move on with your new life with less anger and resentment. And from an emotional standpoint your divorce will likely be less emotionally painful if you choose mediation or collaborative divorce over a traditional litigated divorce.

Seek out support

Living through the divorce process can rake havoc with your emotions. Seek out therapy or look for a support group to help you manage your emotions during your divorce. There is plenty of help available. Don’t go it alone.

Take care of yourself

Manage your stress by sleeping more, drinking less, getting more exercise and eating well. This will help you manage the emotional storm of divorce.

Find a good attorney

Seek out an attorney who focuses on family law, is a good communicator, and is experienced in a variety of divorce processes. A good attorney can recommend a divorce resolution option that will best meet your needs whether it be mediation, collaborative divorce, litigation, or some other divorce resolution option.

Calculate your future living expenses

For the vast majority of divorcing spouses their overall expenses go up both during and after the divorce. Create a detailed budget that will help you understand how much income you will need when you become single. Once you understand your budget you can more easily understand what you need to ask for in the divorce settlement.

Be patient. It takes a while to become whole again (longer than you think)

For a number of people the pain of divorce is overwhelming. However, it is important to remember that this feeling of pain is temporary. Be patient, and focus on your future. The emotional pain that you are feeling is part of the process of transitioning to your new and improved life.

Get educated

Learn as much as you can about the divorce process and it’s financial implications. Your divorce mediator and attorney can be a great resource to help you learn and make sound decisions as you move through the process.

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