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Tips for Divorcing Parents During the Back-to-School Season

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Will County Divorce LawyerIf you are a parent who is in the middle of divorcing your spouse, you may be feeling overwhelmed at the thought of the back-to-school season. For many parents, the beginning of the school year is already stressful. Ending a marriage during this hectic season only adds to the stress. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to mitigate this stress – for both you and your kids.

Establish Consistency and Reduce Conflict with a Temporary Child Custody Order

You probably already know that divorcing parents must abide by a “parenting plan” which describes the parenting time schedule (previously called visitation) and allocation of parental responsibilities. However, the parenting plan does not go into effect until after the divorce which may take months or years to finalize.

Fortunately, you can petition the court for a temporary child custody order that dictates parenting time while the divorce proceedings are ongoing. This may help avoid confusion and arguments as well as give your child the consistency and stability he or she needs during this difficult time.

Use Written or Electronic Methods of Communicating With the Other Parent

In today’s modern world, there are more opportunities than ever to communicate. Co-parenting can be extremely difficult and many divorcing parents find it hard to communicate without fighting. Using email, text messages, or a co-parenting app like OurFamilyWizard may help. Written communication is often not as emotionally charged as speaking on the phone or in person. Furthermore, having a visual record of what was discussed may prove useful later in your case.

Keep the Kids Out of the Adult Conflict

Even when parents are on good terms, conflict is bound to surface during the co-parenting relationship. It is important to shield children from this conflict as much as possible. When you can, take phone calls with your lawyer or your spouse in a different room. Avoid venting your frustrations or badmouthing the other parent to your child. Doing so can have a dramatic impact on your child’s wellbeing. Furthermore, one of the factors courts use when determining child custody issues is each parent’s ability to promote a positive relationship between the child and the other parent.

Contact a Will County Child Custody Lawyer

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