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What Must Be Included in My Illinois Parenting Plan?

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If you are considering divorce and have children with your spouse, you may be wondering how things will be handled if you do decide to split. Not all divorcing couples experience contention in their parental relationship; some simply lose their romantic connection after some time together. Regardless of how amicable your relationship is, you are required to create a parenting plan according to Illinois divorce laws. Co-parenting can be difficult, especially with someone who you have legally divorced. This parenting plan will help guide you and your spouse with your future parenting arrangements and decisions, especially if you do not stay on friendly terms forever.

Illinois Requirements

Parenting plans are fairly customizable to fit each family’s unique needs; however, there are a few issues that are required to be addressed in an Illinois plan. The first topic that must be outlined is parental responsibilities. Divorcing parents must designate a custodial parent, or primary caregiver, and non-custodial parent. You should also detail who will be doing what, including each parent’s ability to make education, healthcare, and extracurricular activity decisions. Parenting plans will also include a detailed schedule, known as parenting time, which notes who will be caring for the child each day of the week. Each family’s parenting time arrangement will differ, with some choosing a more equal division and others having one parent be the primary parent. You must also include information about how you will handle disagreements on your parenting plan. Most parents will turn to mediation to avoid spending time in court, but if a history of abuse is present, this may not be applicable. One of the last required areas in an Illinois parenting plan is how to handle the relocation. If one parent wishes to relocate with his or her child out of state, he or she will need permission from the other parent, or the court, to do so.

Additional Considerations

Although there are certain required provisions for Illinois parenting plans, you may include other details that pertain to your family and how you would like things handled in the future. For those with contentious relationships, they may consider including information about how things will be handled regarding their co-parent’s actions. Some parents may try to sabotage the other parent’s relationship with their child by badmouthing them in front of their child. You can include provisions for legal recourse if parental alienation occurs to keep your former spouse from attempting to damage the bond with your child. If you believe that your co-parent is interfering with your scheduled parenting time by enrolling your child in extracurricular activities or planning playdates for your son or daughter during your time, you can ask that your written consent be obtained before these activities can be scheduled.

Call a Naperville Parenting Plan Attorney

Divorce can be a challenging process, but it becomes increasingly so when children are involved. It is important to find an attorney who is well-versed in child custody matters to ensure that your family’s concerns are handled with care. The Law Office of Ronald L. Hendrix, P.C. has worked with numerous families throughout Illinois to help them create a parenting plan that fits their circumstances. Whether you are looking to create your first parenting plan or modify your existing document, contact our knowledgeable and dedicated DuPage County divorce lawyers today at 630-416-7004 to schedule your free consultation.




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